Dreaming of Film Flares, 24 Rembrandts At A Time


Hello Filmmakers, Actors, Producers, Film lovers, Everyone!

My name is Carlos Luis Pujol, and I’m a cinematographer from Cuba, looking to connect with filmmakers in Los Angeles area -and to improve the Filmmaking craft. Also, I’m currently enrolled in a MFA Cinematography program at NYFA.

I’m going to tell you why you are here: either you are an (in)experienced indie filmmaker, a film student, actor, producer… (you name it!) you probably have a story to tell to the world. If what I just said applies to you, count me in to help you for FREE.

There is no trick, no catch. I want just to be in the process, learn from the experience of actually doing it, having fun and meeting new friends. Don’t get me wrong, I would like to be paid -Someday. So far, I have a full year to shoot stuff for free, so why not with the right people?

If you still have doubts about my commitment, a few facts:

  • I have no car, I buy Filmmaking gear instead -and I pay Facebook ads to publicize my free services.
  • I went to Film school 5 years straight, back in Cuba, to realize that all the theory I learned was worthless. I started dreaming for a better way to learn, and I left Cuba one year after graduated -And everybody knows how difficult is for Cubans to leave the country.
  • I landed in Montreal, I went to New York, and three days later I took this picture, my 1000 words picture.
  • Four years later, overcoming the fact I didn’t know the language, I was experiencing a cultural shock, and had no support, I enrolled in the film school I wanted, in the most technical program I thought it was going to be good to complete my theoretical studies. And I don’t regret it.

Some call this crazy, I call it Passion.

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So, if you are still reading, and up to it, let me tell you how can I help you.

Filmmakers (Directors, Producers…):

If you are having trouble finding a DP, well, nice to meet you. You tell me the story, bring your dreams and let me hop in, because I can help you to make it real.

As you can see in my reel, and read here, I have experience in 35mm (Panaflex, Panavision, Arri 535), 16mmm and Super16mm, Red Cameras (Scarlet, MX, Epic), Canon 5D and 7D, Panasonic HMC 150. And by October I will add to my curriculum the Arri Alexa.

Also, If you want to go “super-indie”, I own a Canon 7D, and more than 4k in lights (so far) and some gear that usually is enough for mid-size interiors, and non-challenging exteriors. This is usually good enough for some web series, shorts films, and some promo videos for business owners and actors wanting to incorporate more segments to their reel.

Actors (& musicians, performers..):

I can help you to build your reel, or make you a music video, or…

Either you have an idea for a narrative short story, a spec commercial or just a series of scenes you want to perform in order to show the range of your acting, well, let’s shoot it.

Also, if you don’t have a director to guide you, I can help you with that too. The idea is to get out of you the best performances to add or build your reel.


Said that, a Disclaimer:

By no means, I’m a producer, nor I can fund your projects. What you get from me are for free are my services as a Cinematographer (or Director of Photography, or DP).

The production costs of any project is on you. Things I do NOT provide are transportation, craft services, insurance, location rentals, etc.

I repeat, there is no money involved as a payment to me in exchange of my services including the use of my gear.

Also, the use of my gear, if used at all, will be only if I’m DPing the project.

So, Let’s shoot something! -or first, shoot me an email at dp@carlosluispujol.com  😉

Or feel free to peak other pages of my website, like the one with my reel, or this another with a little more about me, if that doesn’t bore you.front 7-19-13


See you on Set!

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